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Hair Removal: Understanding The Different Methods Available

Let’s face it, hair removal is probably the most annoying (but vital) part of our beauty regime. Not only can it be expensive, but some forms of hair removal can be painful too!

We have listed the most popular choices available out there, so even If you have a preferred method of hair removal, perhaps it is time to give new methods a go?


  • Probably the most utilised method for removing hair
  • Shaving works by shaving off the hair at skin-level
  • You can avoid accidental nicks by using a sharp blade and shaving cream
  • Because hair is only removed at skin-level, it usually grows back in approximately 3 days

Depilatory Cream

  • Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair using a chemically enhanced cream
  • The cream is spread thickly onto skin and left on for a few minutes before being wiped off
  • Although this technique can be painless, if you experience pain, it means that your skin is too sensitive, or you’ve left the product on for too long
  • This hair removal technique is not always effective with coarser hair
  • Because of the chemicals in the cream, it can have a rather off-putting odour
  • Depilatories typically remove hair slightly below skin level, so hair will usually grow back between 1-3 days


  • Waxing is painful because it involves removing hair from the root
  • This technique can last up to 6 weeks
  • The procedure is relatively quick, so waxing can treat larger areas like the legs in a short amount of time
  • Because the wax needs to be able to stick to the hair, hair needs some time to grow out between waxes
  • Waxing is like pulling off very large band-aids, so as a first-timer it can be very painful
  • If waxing is your favourite form of hair removal, hair does become finer over time which makes the experience less painful as time progresses



  • Approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal
  • Eliminating the root of hair follicles through the use of an electric current
  • Unlike laser hair removal (that can only work on darker hair and lighter hair) electrolysis can work on all types of hair and skin
  • This type of hair removal only works with one hair at a time, so it takes much longer to complete (between 15 – 30 sessions)
  • This hair removal method is better for smaller areas like the face or bikini line rather than larger areas such as arms or legs
  • Electrolysis creates a stinging sensation for each follicle, known to be a little painful but the intensity differs from person to person


Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser hair removal is a more permanent option that involves dismantling the roots with laser light
  • This option works best on darker hair and lighter skin as the laser detects pigment
  • Laser hair removal takes around 8 – 12 sessions for best results
  • The user may experience minimal discomfort, although not necessarily painful, it can be uncomfortable
  • Laser hair removal can be pricey and most times you will need to repeat sessions for permanent results
  • It is a long lasting method, so even though it’s pricier up front, you’ll most certainly save money in the long run


Laser Hair Removal is fast becoming the trusted and safe choice for those looking for a permanent hair removal solution. At Skin Destination, we aim to you provide you with effective solutions to your skin and body related concerns, and in the process, making you feel good. Our highly trained therapists only use the latest equipment to provide you with satisfying results. For the best treatments in Liverpool, be sure to book your free consultation with us now!

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