Laser hair removal – Costs explained 

When you are looking into putting your precious skin under highly intense and effective rays of the laser beam, you need to have a long look around and get serious about the quality of the procedure you’re about to undergo and the effects it will have on your long term. In this blog, I will be covering why some clinics charge more than others for laser hair removal and vice versa, and why opting for the cheaper option could be extremely damaging for your health. 

Are you choosing price and convenience over quality and efficiency? 

With laser hair removal, you get what you pay for. It’s as simple as that. I understand that the price is probably the most important thing on your mind. Here at skin destination, we pride ourselves on matching the quality with the price to give an effective, 5-star quality experience with long-lasting results. We know that the price is on all of our clients’ minds, so let me tell you the reasoning that will help ensure that you are making the right decision for your long term health, finance and of course, hair-free smooth skin.  

The costs of laser hair removal in the UK vary depending on where you’re planning to go. And the costs will also vary depending on skin tone, hair type and whether your hair is dark/light or fine/coarse. Originally, it was only people with fair skin and dark hair who were the ideal candidates for laser hair removal. This was because the laser could easily identify the tiny pieces of hair – however, with the state of the art technology that clinics are using nowadays, practically anyone is eligible for laser hair removal! 

The lasers used in hair removal target the melanin in the hair follicles, which then destroy the cells around the hair root to prevent regrowth, which lasts much longer than waxing or shaving. Some clients may see permanent results straight away, whereas others may have to come back a few years down the line to have some more sessions – this is all depending on your hair type and how it reacts to the lasers – which is why the price can differentiate depending on hair type. However, this is still A LOT less effort than shaving or waxing every week/month. 

Prices vary from clinic to clinic. Some clinics are franchises that you can find on the high street in most major cities. Whereas some clinics are more of beauty salons that will offer a range of different treatments, from nails to hair to even tattoo removals. Lastly, others are smaller specialist clinics like ourselves that offer a small number of treatments but have the experience and high-quality training to go along with it. It is definitely a competitive market in major cities in the UK, which is why prices can change drastically. An overlooked aspect to getting treated is the add ons that that entails – if you add on both your time travelling and the parking once you’ve arrived, this could easily add on a massive chunk to the cost of your treatment which is definitely something to bear in mind. 

While in this blog I am focusing on the cost of laser hair removal in the UK, it is interesting to look at the prices other countries in the world are charging. An interesting fact is that the United Arab Emirates are charging £65-£750 on average, whereas Mexico and Columbia are charging half of that. But remember, if you are thinking of travelling abroad to get your treatment done, the travelling could cost more than the actual treatment itself!

The most popular areas to get hair laser hair removal done are the upper lip, bikini, face, legs and underarms. To give you a brief breakdown, here at skin destination, if you came for 6 sessions of your bikini line perhaps, the total would be £455. However, we have a 40% discount price for this making it totals £273! If this price is still making you feel hesitant, then keep reading to find out why this is a price that makes sense to you, and to anyone who cares about their long term health and results. 

Every time you come in, you are required to undergo a free consultation. This is because every client needs to be examined beforehand, and a plan of action needs to be discussed to make sure your needs are going to be met throughout the course of your treatment/s. This is also a good chance for you to meet the practitioner who will be transforming your skin and create trust between the both of you before we put one beam on your delicate skin. 

There are many devices for laser hair removal however, we use the best in laser technology, the Cynosure® Elite+™. The Elite+™ uses two proven laser wavelengths that provide treatments for patients of all skin types. Treatments with this system are fast, effective, and safe. With spot sizes up to 24mm, the Elite+™ laser provides fast treatments, allowing you to resume your normal activities as quickly as possible. It also contains two different types of laser wavelengths that provide effective treatments on patients of all skin types. One of the lasers is better for lighter-skinned patients, and the other is better for darker-skinned patients. This machine has also been clinically used for many years and is rated number 1 in the whole world!

To conclude that finishes his cost breakdown for hair removal! Prices can vary significantly when it comes to laser hair removal. It is extremely important that you find the right clinic for your needs and budget. And remember – an investment in your procedure is an investment in your health!

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