The hidden costs of cheap laser hair removal

First things first, everyone loves a bargain, nobody can deny that. However, going off the price before looking into the actual product, in this case, laser hair removal is never a good idea and I’m here to tell you why. 

You may have been searching for the nearest clinic in your town which offers the cheapest laser hair removal and you find one that seems too good to be true which is perfect for you- so you try it out! Fast-forwarding 6 months and many questions could be being asked. Are you still feeling confident with your decision? Or have you been through the worst 6 months after visiting this clinic and are now actually doing research to find a good clinic no matter what the cost/distance? If this was a different situation for example a loved one needs medical help, the cost would barely be thought of as you would want the best help needed. So why not do the same with your skin? 

You need to ask yourself some essential questions while coming across cheap laser hair removal in your town. If you are promised by a practitioner: an amazing experience, world-class service, convenient locations and highly trained therapists, this will all come at a cost. If the most effective treatment on the market is what you are looking for, then you will need to find a clinic using the latest and best-rated technology as that is 50% of what will make your treatment successful. The other 50% is the way the therapists carry out the treatment. So making sure that the people who are carrying out the treatment are trained is just as important. The best brands to look out for when looking for laser hair removal treatment technology are Candela or Cynosure. These American companies have been number 1 rated and at the forefront of medical technology for many years. These companies are considered the Rolls Royce of laser hair treatment, however, they also have the Rolls Royse price to go along with them! This is probably the main reason that another clinic is coming across a lot cheaper because you are being treated by unbranded, less powerful machines. Laser hair machines can be purchased anywhere on the internet, from unofficial brands that may not have been regulated or FDA approved, which will be sold for a fraction of the cost of the leading brands. 

It is definitely worth checking if the clinic you are going for offers more treatments such as nails and hair as this means (not always) that laser hair is not their main source of business, and the practitioners may not be treating clients in that field very often so they will lack the experience and possibly the training too – which can make a big difference to a result. It is good to do your research and see if your practitioner is experienced as they would have treated clients of all ages, genders and ethnicities, so there is less risk of burning you. They would know how to adapt to your personal treatment and adjust every session to suit your needs to get you the best result possible. 

As well as those concerns, there are also other questions to ask such as:

  •  Is the clinic fully insured to perform the treatment? 
  • Are they registered to any professional body? 

There have been many cases of small independent clinics having to shut down due to legal cases being brought against them and then having to reopen under a different name – This will not happen to registered clinics. 

You may have heard a story about a clinic being shut down due to negligence, which in clinics’ cases could be poor machines, experience, technology or qualifications. 

There are many other ways that clinics may find ways of cutting costs during treatments. They should be using medical quality microbial cleansers and sterile dressing packs for each patient if they are needed, rather than baby wipes being bought on sale at the nearest supermarket. Are the therapists looking at the shelf life of a product? For example, if the product has a 6-month shelf life date, are they getting a fresh product to replace the old one? When you are looking for the best price clinic, this is all probably being overlooked which increases risks happening in treatments. If you decide to book a consultation, it is best to make a list of these important questions so that you know exactly what you are receiving and you are getting your money’s worth. 

Another thing I haven’t touched on are those clinics that advertise a low price to get you to book a consultation then use high-pressure selling techniques to get you to move forward with them and purchase more. These techniques are still happening to this day and with a search on google, you will be able to find companies selling laser hair removal for just £9 which is ridiculous! A lot of businesses will look at the possible profits first and the customers second which you absolutely need to avoid as you really need to find a clinic that puts you first before anything. 

By reading this I’m hoping that you now have more of an understanding of different issues and that price is not the whole story. Just doing a price comparison between clinics can be misleading and you do need to take the time to look further into things if you want to get the best out of your experience and safety. And most importantly, find the clinic you can trust before, during and after your treatment. 

So, next time you find a clinic where the prices look too good to be true, look at your checklist and go through your questions and concerns – I hope this will help you along your journey. 

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