Why Skin Destination?

The major things people look for when searching for the right clinic are not only the quality of treatments but also the background of the clinic. This can include the background of the therapists; meaning do they have the top quality qualifications of this day and age and also the reviews that the previous clients have decided on after visiting the clinic. All of these come into someone’s mind when spending a hefty amount on a treatment. This is why we believe Skin Destination has it all…

Our Liverpool therapists, Sam and Lois, focus on giving a personable experience for their clients to achieve flawless perfection in their bespoke treatments. The treatments they give make their clients feel confident as you can see from our 5-star reviews. The foundation of their success comes from their beauty therapy level 3 qualification. The 10 years of experience between both therapists makes skin destination the perfect, unique experience with 21000+ treatments already successfully delivered. 

We are always ensuring our clinic is in the safest environment possible, with our strict measures in place, we can be assured that you will leave our clinic feeling positive and confident. 

We are passionate about achieving outstanding results and strive to make a difference to every single client’s confidence whether that’s removing unwanted hair or delivering exceptional facials, our clients are so happy with their results that we have received only 5-star reviews while we are delivering 5-star results. 

Your skin destination journey will start with an exciting consultation which will give you options and also where you can outline your expectations and concerns about your treatment. This will also give you the opportunity to meet our therapists to give you the right information and match you to the perfect treatment plan for your upcoming visits.

Our clinics are conveniently located with one being a 2-minute walk from Liverpool Central station and the other being a 5-minute walk from Leeds train station. This makes your experience, even more, relaxing with us being in the centre of 2 major cities and a short walk away from main public transportations. 

Now, do you believe me when I say we have it all?

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